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We invite individuals and organisations to be part of the Coalition for Change (C4C).

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Do you want to join us as an organisation?  Or as an individual

Organisational Membership

We believe that as a collective we will be stronger if we work together so, please encourage your organisation to become part of the Coalition. 

This would mean that we would contact your organisation whenever we wanted to collectively lobby / campaign / challenge or support service standards or seek legal change – both in Norfolk and nationally.  We would check with your organisation on each campaign or challenge to ensure that you retain full control over how and where your organisation’s information is used.   There is no subscription or fee for membership.

For example, at the moment, a member of the Coalition is lobbying government departments to get an important legal change back onto the work programme for the Law Commission around who can be found criminally responsible in cases such as Cawston Park.    We would like to add weight to this work by presenting a wide range of organisations supporting this work.

Please email Tracey Jones on [email protected] with any questions or to say yes to Organisational Membership. 

Individual Membership

We have two types of individual membership on offer at the moment:

Core Group Membership (6 spaces available)

We want individuals with learning disabilities and / or autism who have been described as displaying behaviours that challenge, ideally with lived experience of locked room hospitals or other locked room residential settings to become part of our core decision making group.        

We would also welcome their families and/or carers to join too – either with their loved one or on their own. 

We are able to pay for participation expenses and meetings are currently once every 6 weeks for an hour online but we may change this as membership increases and changes. 

Communications and Campaign Membership

We invite anyone who may want to help us by answering surveys, signing petitions and getting information from us from time-to-time to sign up to become a communications and campaign member.    Usually we will get in touch by email but if this will cause problems, we will work with you to try and get information to you in different ways but we do need that first contact to be by email at the moment.      

Please email [email protected] if you wish to join the Core Group or to join our Communications and Campaigns mailing list.