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Are you worried about an adult? Please call 0344 800 8020

Report a concern

Care providers

In this section there is some specific information of use to care providers - some of this may be found elsewhere on the website but we thought it would help to gather it in one place, or help you to find the links to other useful places on our website.

There is also detailed information on the different types of abuse here.

If you are interested in knowing more about the various types of enquiry, we have set out our 'Top Ten' here.

For support on how to raise a concern, including a useful checklist of information that might be needed, and what happens next, visit our Raising a Concern section.

There is information on the Herbert Protocol (a tool to help if someone goes missing from your service).

Our training section also includes information on the national Bournemouth competencies. 

We have a number of quick '7 minute' briefings on a range of subjects:

  • trauma informed approaches
  • self-neglect & hoarding
  • Safeguarding v safeguarding
  • Information sharing - 7 golden rules
  • what is communication?
  • transitional safeguarding
  • managing racist abuse when providing care
  • safeguarding adult reviews
  • domestic abuse
  • financial safeguarding
  • multi-agency review (RL) 

Other links


Report published by Unseen (2023) Modern slavery and the care sector.