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Making safeguarding personal

The Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) programme has been running since 2010. The principles were integrated into The Care Act 2014 guidance, which requires safeguarding adults practice to be person led and outcome focused.

“Nothing about me without me”

It aims to give more choice and control to the person, keeping them central to the enquiry, with a focus on improving their quality of life, well-being and safety.

The key focus is to develop a real understanding of what the person wishes to achieve, recording their desired outcomes and seeing how well these have been met.

It may not always be possible to achieve those expressed outcomes, and it is important to be realistic with the person about what the safeguarding process may or may not involve or conclude with. There may be wider public interest issues, or risks to others, that have to be considered despite an individual view.  The point is to have the discussions from the beginning and keep these going throughout.

Where an adult lacks capacity then then the principles of the Mental Capacity Act must be followed to be clear about what the adult would have considered important to them in terms of the safeguarding concern and decisions that might need to be made.