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7 minute briefings

Learning for 7 minutes is manageable in most services and makes information simple to remember. The short briefings hold people’s attention, as well as giving managers something to share with their staff. Clearly the briefings won’t have all the answers, but it is hoped that they will act as a catalyst to help teams and managers reflect on their practice and systems.

As part of National Safeguarding Adults Week in November 2022, NSAB's self-neglect and hoarding subgroup put on three short briefing sessions which included some small group discussion. From these we have created three new 7-minute briefings which give an overview of the content.

Safeguarding v safeguarding

This is a slightly simpler version of our guidance document, to help understand the difference between a Safeguarding enquiry (section 42 Care Act) and a concern about someone's safety and / or well-being. We have also created this 'pyramid' of safeguarding graphic with the help of our LSAPs to better understand how a range of needs and interventions may all fall under the very broad umbrella of 'safeguarding'.

What is Communication?

Thank you to our colleague Kate Brolly (Specialist Practitioner in MCA/LPS/Safeguarding) in the Integrated Care Board's safeguarding adults team for this one!

Managing racist abuse when providing care

In a Norfolk SAR to be published in September 2021, learning was identified that would apply across many settings where health and social care support is given to individuals who may have impairment to their mental capacity. 

Multi-agency review RL

Seven golden rules for safeguarding information sharing