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Domestic abuse support services

Individuals who experience domestic abuse do not always have additional needs for care and support, but you may still work with or alongside those who need assistance in prevention or protection outside of the safeguarding (s42 Care Act) process. This can include physical, financial or emotional abuse, coercion and control, or other domestic abuse aspects.

When working with and supporting those adults, there may be times when you feel you need more information or advice from more specialist services.

Across the county, there are a wide range of those additional services available depending on the need / location.

Below are links to a variety of services, charities, and local and national helplines.


Also, here is information on supported accommodation services for victims of domestic abuse in Norfolk:

Factsheet for health and social care

If anyone is at immediate risk of harm, phone the police on 999. The silent solution: If you can’t speak or make a sound when calling 999, listen to the operator’s questions, then tap the handset. If prompted, press 55. Your call will be transferred to police who will know it’s an emergency.

Daisy Programme & Rowan Project

Supporting adults, children and families living in the Breckland area, who have been affected by domestic and sexual abuse.

Contact number: 01953 880903

Email: [email protected]

Dawn's New Horizon

Relieving the needs of adults in Norwich City Council and Broadland District Council areas, in particular (but not exclusively) to those who suffered domestic and/or child abuse by (a) the provision of information, workshops, counselling/therapy and support groups, and (b) the provision of food parcels, essential household items and clothing and others linked to support to individuals in need.

Contact number: 07854 044680

Email: [email protected]

Feathers Futures

Open to all women over 18 in the borough of Great Yarmouth, offering social groups and activities, including domestic abuse recovery courses for women who are no longer in the relationship but where it is still impacting their lives.

Contact number: 01493 268222

Fresh Start - New Beginnings

Norfolk-wide support service for those affected by child sexual abuse.

Contact number: 01473 353355

Email: [email protected]


Works with and for LGBT+ victims and survivors of abuse and violence in the UK.

Contact number: 0800 999 5428

Email: [email protected]

Leeway refuge services

A free, safe and confidential service designed to empower those who are experiencing domestic abuse, and give them the confidence needed in order to make independent choices about their life.  Leeway provides a range of one-to-one, residential and community based services - not only for the adults and children of Norfolk, but also those from other areas of the country who require a place of safety.

Contact number: 0300 561 0077

Email: [email protected]

Mankind Initiative

Support male victims of domestic abuse, and their families.  

Contact number: 01823 334244

National Stalking Helpline

(Delivered by Suzy Lamplugh Trust).  A free service offering advice for victims of stalking.

Contact number: 0808 802 0300

Norfolk Community Law Service

Providing free, independent and confidential legal advice for people in Norfolk on civil law matters, including debt, discrimination, domestic abuse, employment, family law, immigration, and welfare benefit appeals.

Contact number: 01603 796623 or WhatsApp 07900 153753

Email: [email protected]

Norfolk Integrated Domestic Abuse Service

NIDAS stands for Norfolk Integrated Domestic Abuse Service and is a domestic abuse support service for those classed as high and medium risk. They also offer dedicated support for children and young people, recovery programmes, coordinated multi-agency support, court support, a domestic abuse champion network, and training for professionals, across Norfolk

Contact number: 0300 561 0555

Norfolk and Suffolk Victim Care

A free, confidential support service specifically designed to help victims and witnesses of crime.

Contact number: 0300 303 3706

Email: [email protected]

NSFT Suicide prevention & awareness

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust's website provides information, support and guidance on where to turn to if you feel you need help.  That can mean as an individual or as friends, or family, of someone who may be feeling suicidal.

One-to-One Project

Providing long-term professional support to adults in west and north Norfolk who are experiencing emotional, social and/or mental health difficulties.

Contact number: 01553 770770

Email: [email protected]

One Voice 4 Travellers

Working with and supporting members of the Gypsy Traveller and Roma communities who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress caused by, or associated with, violence.

Contact number: 01945 430724

Email: [email protected]

Orwell Housing

Provides a specialist domestic abuse worker in the South Norfolk and Broadland District Council help hubs.

Contact number: 01508 533933

[email protected]

Paladin Service

A trauma-informed service to assist high risk victims of stalking in England and Wales.  A trained team ensure that high risk victims are supported and that a coordinated community response is developed locally to keep victims and their children safe.

Contact number: 020 3866 4107

Email: [email protected]


Advice, support and information for women and children affected by domestic abuse, living in west and north Norfolk. 

Email: [email protected]

Webchat available Monday to Friday, 1-3pm.

Respect Men’s Advice Line

For male victims of domestic abuse.  

Contact number: 0808 801 0327

Email: [email protected]


Provide support for people who care for survivors of sexual or violent crime.

Email: [email protected]

Sue Lambert Trust

Provides a range of supportive services for people who have experienced sexual abuse, assault or sexual violence.

Contact number: 01603 622406

Email: [email protected]

The Harbour Centre

Provide practical and emotional support to help victims recover from rape, attempted rape or sexual assault.

Contact number: 01603 276381

[email protected]

The Haven Project

Advice, telephone support, safe and supported temporary accommodation and support in the community for women and children fleeing domestic violence and abuse in south Norfolk.

Contact number: 0845 467 4876

Email: [email protected]

The Magdalene Group

For women and young people affected by sexual violence, exploitation and coercion.

Contact number: 01603 610256

Email: [email protected]

Victim Support

Telephone and face to face support for male and female victims of crime and traumatic incidents in England and Wales.

Contact number: 0808 1689 111 (National Helpline, 24 hours) 0300 303 3706 (Norfolk and Suffolk Victim Care, 8am-5pm Monday-Friday)


A virtual platform for victims and survivors of domestic abuse to influence change to improve the lives of other victims and survivors of this form of abuse.  Launched by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner in March 2024.

Victims and survivors are invited to share their views on their experiences with the police, through a survey 

Women's Aid

A national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children.  They provide life-saving services across England.

Email: [email protected]

24/7 Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Line

The 24/7 Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Line is a free phone and online chat service, run by Rape Crisis England & Wales and funded by the UK government, for anyone age 16+ in England and Wales who has experienced something sexual that they didn't consent to, or are feeling confused about.  The support line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Specialist staff are there to listen, answer questions and offer emotional support.

Contact number: 0808 500 2222