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Locality Safeguarding Adult Partnerships (LSAPs)

Norfolk has five locality safeguarding adults partnerships (LSAPs) across the county, based on western, southern, northern, eastern and central (Norwich) localities.

The purpose of these is to communicate and deliver key safeguarding adults objectives at a local level from the Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board, and to provide a local view back to support effective development of NSAB plans.

The partnerships have representatives from a wide range of organisations in each local area, such as adult social care, community health, local councils, libraries, acute hospital trusts, charitable and voluntary organisations, Trading Standards, police and care providers.

The range of people in the LSAP needs to reflect the variety of agencies and their views, to help us all work together better to tackle safeguarding issues and raise awareness across all of Norfolk.

People who attend then share the information back into their own teams and organisations.

Each LSAP has two chair people (a leading chair and a co-chair) to lead the group in the work they do, and Norfolk County Council provide administrative support for consistent organisation of the meetings.

They meet every two months, and the agenda is structured to look at particular topics, giving a focus and inspiration for activity.

Topics we've covered in 2023 include carers and safeguarding (formal and informal), financial abuse and scams, Making Safeguarding Personal, and Domestic abuse, and older adults.

In 2024 we plan to look at:

  • reporting safeguarding concerns process
  • supporting best practice in evidencing learning against national competencies
  • prevention themes from Norfolk SARs
  • safeguarding and links with mental health
  • financial abuse
  • neglect / self-neglect

We have continued to link across to our colleagues in the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership who lead the Locality Safeguarding Children Groups (LSCGs) and are planning a joint session in 2024 looking at family and community approaches to safeguarding.

LSAPs would regularly have guest speakers to the face to face meetings, but often the topics they spoke on would have relevance across all five partnerships, not just the one. So we tried out a webinar programme back in 2021 to share the information and learning more efficiently across our county network - it was very successful, and we have now opened up attendance more widely. Have a look at our dedicated webinar page.

In 2023 we held two very successful face to face whole county meetings, which worked really well, so we plan to continue this and have 4 virtual meetings (individual LSAPs) and 2 face to face (whole county) each year.

If you would like to know more, or come along to the LSAP in your area, just contact us.

See which LSAP covers your area:

Map showing LSAP areas in the East of England

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