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Do check that any safeguarding adult posters or leaflets that you have on display / available are the most up to date - you can see what we have available here, and just let us know if you want us to send you anything. 

Pressure Ulcers and safeguarding - guidance for healthcare professionals from the ICB safeguarding adults team

It is vital that any consideration of Pressure Ulcers being linked to safeguarding includes a wider consideration of whether other concerns over abuse and/or neglect are present for the Adult at Risk.

Pressure Ulcers can be a safeguarding concern. This is more likely where the ulcer is avoidable and serious in its impact.

They are frequently associated with other safeguarding concerns, such as neglect and self-neglect. These can include poor diet, inadequate care, and inappropriate physical handling. Pressure Ulcers can be the result of appropriate equipment not being accepted or used, which could be Domestic Abuse.

Read the guidance document here

Note: the national guidance mentioned within has been withdrawn in July 2023 pending review, signposting to using local guidance instead. Therefore the arrangements described in the document above relating to best practice in Norfolk still stand.