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Southern LSAP

Covers south Norfolk area. Linked to two local council areas (South Norfolk and part of Breckland).

Chair: Steven Whitton (Learning Disability Health Team Leader NCH&C).   If you're interested in the role of co chair for the southern LSAP, please do get in touch.

Some organisations who attend:

  • adult social care
  • Norfolk Community Health & Care (NCH&C)
  • voluntary sector
  • police
  • district councils 


The September meeting date was changed rather last minute so it was a smaller group than usual that met to discuss neglect and self-neglect - however the topic inspired valuable conversation as usual!

We talked about what constitutes a safeguarding concern, how agencies can work together to prevent situations progressing into a safeguarding issue, and also reflected how high numbers of safeguarding concerns care going to the local authority, but, as with many statutory services, there are limited staff to progress enquiries.


In 2021 we talked a lot about language and communication, linked to helping us to have a common understanding. SLSAP created the wordcloud you can see in the image below. Each member wrote down words they associate with safeguarding, which were then made into the image. The larger the word, the more times it was used. 

Decorative image

Word art