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Training and development

Whether you are looking to maintain your continuous professional development, or improve your knowledge and skills, here you will find details of training events from NSAB and those that we recommend from partner agencies and providers.

NSAB’s approach is that staff should be trained to the level required by their role, but what that looks like is down to each organisation.

For more detail about this, see the National Competency Framework, often referred to as the Bournemouth competencies:

Concise version for employers and staff

Comprehensive guide to the national competency framework

All staff should have basic awareness safeguarding training -  NSAB link with Norfolk County Council and St Thomas Training to offer a safeguarding awareness course but many organisations already have training providers who can offer safeguarding courses, so NSAB are not prescriptive about providers.

E-learning is often favoured over face to face for time purposes, although that does always need good follow up with staff to make sure the learning has been effective in practice. If you are a people manager, do remember, talk to staff before and after they do the training to check out how they are feeling and be aware that there are sensitivities for some people engaging in safeguarding awareness as the issues in the package may touch on their own experiences of those of family or friends.

NSAB policy is that all staff working with adults at risk will have a refresher of some kind, minimum every three years.

Attending safeguarding conferences and / or events would count towards safeguarding practice / continuous professional development (CPD) also, especially for staff who already hold more expertise / experience in safeguarding, or want to develop their skills. Depending on the content it is possible that would be enough to count as a refresher too.

You might find that some of your staff will need / would like more in-depth training if their role is more involved with potential adults at risk – St Thomas do a course called ‘Learning Lessons from Safeguarding Reviews’, which gives a chance to explore wider themes and practice in more depth.