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safeguarding adults reviews

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An Overview of Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs)

What is a Safeguarding Adult Review?

Within the Care Act 2014 there came a statutory requirement for Safeguarding Adult Boards (SABs) to undertake Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) - these used to be called serious case reviews.

A SAR is a multi-agency review process for all partner agencies to identify any lessons that can be learned from particularly complex or serious safeguarding adult cases where an adult at risk has died or been seriously injured, and abuse or neglect has been suspected.

As a result of this detailed review, recommendations are then made to change or improve practice and services.

The aim of the process is to learn lessons and make improvements, especially in the way we all work together to safeguard adults at risk; it is not to apportion blame to individual people or organisations.

A SAR is NOT a safeguarding enquiry under s42 of the Care Act - please do not use the SAR1 referral form to raise a safeguarding concern, contact the local authority (Norfolk County Council) in the usual way.