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LSAP webinars

In 2021, with the change to holding virtual meetings, and the pressure on all participants' time being recognised, we have developed a series of webinars which have in part replaced 'guest speakers' who no longer have to travel around the county to attend all five meetings.

This means we also have more time in the partnership meetings to look at the local needs and issues associated with the wider county safeguarding themes.

The topics have been chosen in discussion with the LSAPs, their chairs, and the NSAB business group. The speakers try to reflect how the topic relates to the local needs in the county wherever possible, and consider the multi-agency audience of the LSAPs.

The program can flex depending on availability and any other linked needs, but the current plan for 2021 is shown in the table below.

As virtual meetings, we can also open these up to those who are not (yet!) members of their local LSAP, or colleagues of those who do attend. These webinars can also be used as part of any Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required in your role.



April 2021 Carers
May 2021  Hate crime
June 2021 Modern slavery & human trafficking
July 2021 PREVENT / Channel Panel
August 2021 Cybercrime & scams
Sept 2021 Exploitation
October 2021 Cuckooing                                                 (Anti-Slavery Day 18th Oct)
November 2021 Tackling loneliness & isolation - link with ACT National Safeguarding Adults week 15-21st November

Cuckooing webinar 26 Oct 2021

Detective Chief Inspector Sonia Humphreys provided an illuminating insight into cuckooing at her October webinar for NSAB.  

She explained how cuckooing exploits and creates vulnerabilities, what to look out for and how the multi-agency approach supported by the Vulnerable Adult Risk Assessment Conference (VARAC) can help partners to address this violent risk.

Around 100 colleagues from many different organisations joined us for the webinar.

Sonia's slides are available below

Cuckooing webinar Oct 2021

Exploitation webinar 22 Sept 2021

Mark English is the Modern Slavery and Organised Crime Group co-ordinator for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies. 

He gave us a very insightful presentation on the many forms of exploitation, using a wide range of examples from his work to bring these to life, and really helping us to understand what this might look like in Norfolk. There was a clear emphasis on prevention, partnership working, and a victim focus that resonates with Making Safeguarding Personal.

We had over 90 people attend this virtual event - it was great to see so many people interested in learning more about exploitation, and taking this knowledge back to their day to day practice and communities.

The slides from Mark's presentation are below.

 Exploitation webinar Sept 2021

There is more information on our website in our Sexual Abuse and Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking pages too.

Cybercrime & scams webinar 24 Aug 2021

John Greenwood is a cyber security advisor working for the cybercrime unit in Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary. He gave a fascinating presentation to LSAP members which provided:

  • an introduction to the main types of cybercrime and scams that affect individuals in the region.
  • simple steps to take to decrease the chances of becoming a victim
  • tell-tale signs allowing us to identify people who have potentially been victims
  • signposting to resources for further support

The slides from his presentation are below (please be aware any data within is up to date August 2021).

Cybercrime & scams webinar 24 Aug 2021

For more information about the cyber PROTECT team and contact details, here is a flyer:


There is more information on this website on scams under our 'financial & material abuse' section