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Hidden Harms animation


Hidden Harms


We developed this animation with Dewis Choice (there is also more information on our page about Domestic Abuse and older adults) and it has been very well received.

Dewis Choice have told us:

'We had the incredible privilege of working with a team of passionate and talented partners to produce an animation on the sensitive and vital topic of domestic abuse in older adults.  Our collective efforts to shed light on this critical issue were nothing short of inspiring ... Together, we formed a cohesive unit, united by a common goal - to create an impactful animation that could serve as a powerful tool for raising awareness and encouraging victim-survivors to seek help ... It became more than just a project; it was a shared mission to raise awareness about domestic abuse affecting a diverse group of older adults ... In conclusion, working with partners to produce an animation on domestic abuse in older adults was a valuable experience, both professionally and personally.  it reinforced the power of collaboration, the strength of empathy and the potential of creativity to bring about positive change in society.'