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Sexual Assault and Abuse: important document from NHS England

NHS England have published the strategic direction on sexual assault and abuse - Strategic direction for sexual assault and abuse services Lifelong care for victims and survivors: 2018 - 2023.

This important document represents a shared vision and a shared focus for improvement. NHS England’s strategic partners and most importantly, victims and survivors of sexual assault and abuse, have welcomed the opportunity to work together to consult on the co-development of a health and well-being focussed strategy. It takes into account a lifelong pathway of care for survivors and seeks to drive the improvement of services now and in years to come.

It outlines how services need to evolve to ensure that as much as possible can be done to safeguard individuals and to support them at times of crisis and in particular, at the point of disclosure. Section four includes information on promoting safeguarding and the safety, protection and welfare of victims and survivors.

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