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Modern slavery: statutory guidance on how to identity and support victims published

Would you know how to spot the signs that someone may be a victim of modern slavery? Do you know if you work for a first responder organisations and if you do, what your responsibilities are? Does your organisations have a duty to notify the Home Office when encountering a potential victim of modern slavery?

The statutory guidance published yesterday (24 March 2020) sets out how to identify and support victims and the roles and responsibilities organisations have to do this. It describes the signs that someone may be a victim of modern slavery, the support available to victims, and the process for determining whether someone is a victim.

Individuals and organisations must have regard to this guidance, with a view to developing a more consistent response to modern slavery victims to ensure they are identified and receive the available and appropriate support.

Click here to download your copy of the statutory guidance: Modern slavery: how to identify and support victims.

This statutory guidance will replace a number of existing guidance documents:

  • Guidance: Duty to Notify the Home Office of potential victim of modern slavery
  • Victims of modern slavery: frontline staff guidance
  • Victims of modern slavery: competent authority guidance
  • Multi-Agency Assurance Panels Guidance