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MIND's non access policy

Following a referral into the safeguarding adult review group (SARG) regarding a young man with complex needs who sadly died in his own home, the group wanted to share with partners this piece of learning and offer some questions for agencies to consider. 

The case highlighted that although agencies worked together to support and safeguard the young man he would often not answer the door and withdraw from the support offered; there was an over-reliance on local sightings of him by nearby shopkeepers to reassure agencies that he was alive and well.  Although the use of local residents to help and support safeguarding this young man was helpful this was not a robust way of ensuring his wellbeing. 

This policy, kindly shared with the group by MIND, outlines the steps to take if a service user is not responding to agencies' calls and accessing their accommodation to check on their wellbeing is not possible. The SARG would like to share this policy with all partners, with MIND's permission, as an example of good practice and request that other agencies consider what processes they may already have in place, how effective these are and whether or not there are any actions needed to strengthen those existing processes or indeed implement a process if one does not exist.  Please click here to view the policy.