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Board Manager's May 2020 blog: What’s your daily safeguarding ‘exercise’?

This blog is dedicated to Grant Lockett who sadly died on Sunday 03 May 2020. Grant was dedicated supporter of the board and actively involved its work. In particular I worked with Grant helping NSAB develop its work on self-neglect and hoarding. A great man and a fantastic colleague. My deepest condolences and sympathy to his family and friends.

I have found getting out of the house to exercise once a day has really helped me at the moment. I find that back-to-back Teams meeting can be quite demanding and I am thankful I can jump on the bike and go for a short ride. Moving the blood around the body helps to clear the head. The joy of endorphins.

The official government advice on beating Coronavirus changed on Sunday 10th May to include as much daily exercise as people want, as long as they observe social distancing. This acknowledges the importance of ...

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