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Board Manager's June 2019 Blog: The power of a piece of paper

When I was studying for ‘A’ levels we had meetings with the school’s career advisor to prepare us for our next options, including entering the world of work. At that time there was a strong perception that the workplace of the future would be ‘paperless’.

A paperless office is a working environment that has greatly reduced or totally eliminated the need for paper documents by converting them into digital formats. Research shows that a paperless office is not only more environmentally friendly, but also helps boost the productivity and efficiency of an office by saving money and making work processes easier and more convenient, as digital documents can be easily shared between users.

But as an everyday item, could paper have had its day in the era of the smartphone, internet and digital communications? Should NSAB go ‘paperless’ too and stop using paper in its work to raise awareness about safeguarding adults? I was recently given a very powerful lesson in just how in important a piece of paper can be.

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