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Board manager's January 2021 blog: A trusted scheme

I hope you were able to get some downtime during the Christmas holiday. Last year was like no other and at times it I felt like I was inside a washing machine

As we begin the new year, my sense is that we are in for a rough start to 2021.

During my downtime I did enjoy a few mornings of waking and then drifting back to sleepappreciating the slower pace of the daysout walking and riding the bike* watching some TV, and time with the family. I watched a number of reviews of 2020, one of which included very interesting socially distanced (of course) studio debate about disinformation and fake news. This prompted me to catch up on a number of articles by Marianna Spring, Specialist Disinformation and Social Media Reporter for BBC News and BBC World Service, see The casualties of this year's viral conspiracy theories (26 December 2020).

Sources of trusted information came to mind when a ...  

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