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Board Manager's December blog Part 2 : A view from inside the washing machine – a few reflections on safeguarding adults in 2020

None of us would have thought we would have ended 2020 like this.

You may be reading this before the Christmas break or on your return in the new year. Both can be useful moments to reflect on our adult safeguarding work: what we have been through and what is still to come.

As we finish a challenging year, it feels to me like I am inside a washing machine on spin speed (I did read somewhere that the modern washing machine has more computing power than the Apollo 11 spaceship, a great fact if true). The pace of safeguarding does not seem to be easing. Each day bring a new development and I guess that’s the point: we are still in a very dynamic safeguarding environment.

We are doing so many things differently now ... 

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