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Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR)

One of the safeguarding adults board's core statutory duties is to conduct any SAR in accordance with Section 44 of the Care Act. SARs provide an opportunity to learn lessons when abuse or neglect is suspected to be a factor in the death or serious harm of an adult with care and support needs. 

Click here for the criteria for a SAR.

It is the responsibility of all partner agencies to make a referral for a SAR where there are reasonable grounds to consider the criteria  may be met. Partner agencies should not draw their own conclusions on whether the criteria is met in borderline or unclear cases, but should make a referral to the safeguarding adult review group.

The safeguarding adult review group receives all SAR referrals and consider whether the referral meets the criteria to conduct a SAR, or whether any other action should be carried out to ensure learning takes place. 

Safeguarding Adults Review Policy & Procedure

SAR Policy and Procedures

Safeguarding Adults Review Referral Form (SAR1)

IMPORTANT - do not use the SAR1 form to make a safeguarding adult referral. To make a referral please ring 0344 800 8020 

PLEASE NOTE - the SAR1 is an editable pdf form, to complete the form please follow the steps below:

1) Click File at the top left of the form, then click Save As and save the form to your computer with a suitable file name so that it is identifiable

2) Complete the form on the copy on your computer, save it again then click outside the box to ensure that your cursor is not in any of the blue fields

3) Click on the envelope icon at the top of the page (left of the magnifying glass) and email the form to nsabchair@norfolk.gov.uk 

Please email completed SAR1 referral forms to:nsabchair@norfolk.gov.uk