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Prevention, Managing and Responding & Learning Lessons and Improving Future Practice

In 2019 we made an important change to NSAB's subgroup structure.

Like other SABs, we had several subgroups focusing on different streams of work. At the board development day in September 2018 we discussed ways that we could streamline this.

The consensus was that we could do things differently.  Work to restructure our eight subgroups saw fruition at the first meeting of our new subgroup - Prevention, Managing, Learning (PML) in August 2019.  Our new architecture has reduced eight subgroups to four, using the three ‘pillars’ in NSAB’s 2018-21 strategic plan.

Three of these subgroups focus on:

  • preventing abuse and neglect (Prevention)
  • managing and responding to concerns (Managing)
  • learning lessons and shaping future practice (Learning lessons)

 This new model for Norfolk has in part been inspired by the principles of Holacracy – a contemporary organisational methodology which distributes power, increases autonomy and reduces hierarchy.

This exciting approach to our work means that the three subgroups now meet on the same day, in the same room, at the same time to all work on the same safeguarding problem. Trigger questions are used to focus discussion and work on a particular 'knotty' problem we have not been able to solve or improve.

Topics that have been worked on so far include:

  • Why is MCA a recurring challenge in adult safeguarding?
  • The Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Framework – can we adopt it for Norfolk?
  • Delivering learning from SARs and making it stick

 Whilst we cannot currently get together in a room for more debate, discussion and hard work, we can do it virtually!