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Child and adult exploitation

A new training module designed for frontline staff, who work for a range of agencies, organisations and charities in lots of different roles, has been launched by Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership, Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board and the Norfolk County Community Safety Partnership. This training will provide a vital shared framework for all frontline workers in Norfolk, and is therefore available to any frontline staff working alongside children and young people, or vulnerable adults.

Whilst this training states it is for frontline workers throughout, it can actually be completed by ANYONE who needs an introduction to child and adult exploitation.

This e-learning course should take approximately forty minutes to complete and covers the basic awareness and understanding of the various forms of exploitation, covering both adults and children.

Areas covered:

  • Grooming
  • Forms of exploitation
  • County lines
  • Modern day slavery
  • Vulnerabilities

Learning outcomes:

  • Raised awareness of the different forms of exploitation
  • Recognise the potential signs of exploitation
  • Practical advice of how to respond when identifying potential exploitation

Who is it for?
Anyone who has interactions with children and/or adults

Evaluation Form
You will be asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of the training to help shape and develop this training and improve for the future.

You can access the e-learning using this link (it will start the training module):

Introduction to exploitation training