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New referrals to Safeguarding Adult Review Group

As soon as a new safeguarding adult referral is received, the safeguarding adult review group member agencies are asked to review their records and bring any information they may have for that individual to the SARG meeting. To allow time for this, the agenda closes eight working days before each meeting. Referrals received after the agenda closure in one month will be added to the next month’s meeting agenda. See below for 2018 meeting dates:

Date of Meeting

Agenda closed

Agenda Papers Circulated

Wednesday 14 March Thursday 1 March Friday 2 March
Wednesday 18 April Thursday 5 April Friday 6 April
Tuesday 1 May Wednesday 18 April Thursday 19 April
Tuesday 5 June Thursday 24 May Friday 25 May
Tuesday 3 July Thursday 21 June Friday 22 June
Tuesday 7 August Thursday 26 July Friday 27 July
Tuesday 4 September Wednesday 22 August Thursday 23 August
Tuesday 2 October Thursday 20 September Friday 21 September
Tuesday 6 November Thursday 25 October Friday 26 October
Tuesday 4 December Thursday 22 November Friday 23 November

* Adjusted due to Christmas holiday period 

Click here for SAR policy and SAR1 referral form.