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Mental Capacity Act survey

Have you got 6 minutes to help us learn about Mental Capacity?

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In 2007 one of the most important pieces of legislation to protect people’s human rights came into force.  The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) (2005) starts with the assumption that every adult (aged 16 and over) has the capacity to make decisions for themselves; however if that person is seen as lacking capacity for a specific decision, it provides the framework for acting and making decisions on behalf of those people. 

When we are concerned about the safety of a person, one of our first questions should be whether they are being supported to understand the situation, and whether they have capacity to make a decision about next steps.  If that person does not have capacity for that decision we have statutory responsibility to act in their best interests, with the person’s wishes and feelings at the centre of our decision making.

Unfortunately, after 14 years of the legislation being in place, there is still limited awareness and use of the MCA.

In particular, Safeguarding Adult Reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews regularly highlight that MCA is an area which was either not considered, not reviewed or, where used, missed important levels of detail. 

Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board is aiming, over the course of the next year, to improve understanding and implementation of the MCA, and this is where we need your help!

A wide range of partners continue to give us feedback on mental capacity when they are responding to a safeguarding concern. It is clear we need to do more to support the partnership. So, we have set up a 4 part piece of work to develop a collection of resources (and training sessions) to give greater support to Norfolk’s partners. This work will run throughout 2022.

To better understand what is needed we are ask you to help (step 1 - a survey).

Results from the survey will feed into some face to face workshops for frontline workers - where the trainer can tease out some of those things that people are uncertain about (step 2). This will also help us put together a communication campaign on key messages. We then create the package of resources and run the training (step 3). Followed by evaluation (step 4).

By filling in this survey you can help us to have a picture of what we can best do to support you when using the Mental Capacity Act and carrying out assessments.

If you HAVE completed a Mental Capacity Assessment in the last 12 months, please fill in this survey:

I have completed at least one MCA assessment in the last 12 months


 If you have NOT completed a Mental Capacity Assessment in the last 12 months, please fill in this survey:

I have not completed any MCA assessment in the last 12 months


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Please note: closing date is now midnight on Friday 20 May