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Further Information

In past years, we have had a set 'Safeguarding Awareness Week' where we have supported various events and activities across the county.

2020 is looking a little different due to the ongoing pandemic, and we are also trying a slightly different approach through the Locality Safeguarding Adult Partnerships (LSAPs).

Rather than thinking about a set week, we want to promote safeguarding by recognising that safeguarding practice is integral in our day to day work and interactions within our community.

Within the LSAPs, which meet every 2 months, specific safeguarding topics are explored and all partners then look to identify actions they can take within their role / arena / community to raise awareness, increase prevention, and improve responses to safeguarding issues in the local area. Some partners may want to get together and deliver events, training or promotion.  The NSAB team can support more explicit sharing of ideas between the locality areas and will be able to consider what county wide events can be tailored to support any emerging themes.

All such events are likely to be in the virtual arena for the time being, but NSAB are working hard to make the most of the technical solutions available.

If you have any events, training, promotions planned in your organisation, however big or small, and would like support to raise awareness of safeguarding, via NSAB or the LSAPs, please do get in touch.