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Vital funding secured for domestic abuse and sexual violence services in Norfolk

Nearly £250,000 worth of funding has been secured for organisations across the county to help and support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence during the pandemic. 

The ‘extraordinary Covid-19’ fund has been released by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and will be managed and distributed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (OPCCN). 

Earlier this month the OPCCN invited relevant services to bid for a chunk of the £306,000 national funding allocated to Norfolk. 

Some 10 organisations have now proven successful by meeting the required criteria and a total of £249,819 will be distributed from 26th June.

The grant was part of a £25 million package being released by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) across the country with Norfolk securing £306,000 to be managed and distributed through the OPCCN.

The process was an open call to all relevant support organisations delivering services in the Norfolk PCC area – and bids were encouraged from small specialist organisations that support groups with protected characteristics.

The funds will be distributed as follows:

The Pandora Project - (providers of specialist Domestic Abuse Services - North and West Norfolk)

£83,341 to fund a vehicle to provide a peripatetic service to victims in isolated parts of Norfolk. The funding will also assist with increased work with the LGBTQ+ community. 

Leeway – (providers of Domestic Abuse and Violence Services – countywide)

£31,057 to allow provision of 32 laptops for mobile working with cameras for staff and 32 smart phones as well as PPE for staff. 

Spurgeons Norwich Connect (Domestic Abuse Service providers)

£3,689 – Funding a laptop and extended hours of a staff member. 

Daisy Programme(Breckland-based Domestic Abuse service)

£18,268 for funding of additional staffing and additional IT provisions to (laptop, mobile) to allow for agile working. Thirty tablets also funded for survivors to enable 1-2-1 counselling, as well as creative activities. The money will also help support Daisy’s Live Chat facility and access to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.  

One to One Project(providers of sexual Abuse and domestic abuse services in West Norfolk)

£17,425 to provide mobile phones and laptops for staff and volunteers to allow for agile working, fund extra additional hours for staff as well as website development for interactive service to deal with more remote referrals. The money will also assist with adaptation of the office and training.

The Magdalene Group (provides support for women and young people at risk of sexual exploitation)

£40,468 to assist with transformation/deep cleaning of office space to allow for social distancing, PPE and ICT provision. The money will also increase functionality of digital/media platforms at the Project and assist with additional staff cost to support clients.

Orwell Housing - DA Refuge (Domestic abuse workers in South Norfolk)

£8,938 to fund additional staffing to run online/virtual Freedom Programme for approximately 50 women. Freedom Booklets for clients and three tablets for women in refuge to access online support. 

Hope Into Action (provides homes for the most vulnerable in society)

£2,002 to assist with broadband provision and additional staffing support for victims of DA. 

Norfolk Community Law Service

£17,048 to fund mobile phones for agile working as well as additional staff to support DA victims through the Family Court process and legal options/solutions including solicitors. 

The Change Project (delivers community based domestic violence perpetrator programmes)

£27,583 to address short term disruption to meet essential costs of sustaining current activities for supporting victims of perpetrators. The money is to fund integrated support services for victims of DA and well as integrated support for work with perpetrators.