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Reducing family violence, loneliness & dementia-friendly rural communities: useful publications from the LGA

The Local Government Association (LGA) have published a number of interesting reports and documents recently. These include:

Public health approaches to reducing family violence

It is only by pursuing a strategic, coordinated approach involving a range of agencies, including partnerships between statutory and voluntary organisations, that violent crime can be effectively addressed. The document make important reference to the Adverse Childhood Experiences as one of the risk factors to increase an individual’s likelihood of becoming a perpetrator or victim of violence (or both).

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Loneliness: how do you know your council is actively tackling loneliness?

The Jo Cox Commission report makes recommendations for local action, and indicates that local leaders in councils, the wider public sector and business have a critical role in tackling loneliness.

Dementia-friendly rural communities guide

The Alzheimer’s Society has published a new guide to help all types of rural communities increase awareness of dementia and become more dementia-friendly.

Mental health: how do you know your council is doing all it can to improve mental health

Local government makes a vital contribution to promoting good mental health in individuals and communities.