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Transitional safeguarding: a RiPfA strategic briefing

This is a very timely Strategic Briefing from Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) on the emerging topic of transitional safeguarding. This briefing will be of interest to anyone working in safeguarding children or adults, local authority elected members and partner agencies.

The briefing, jointly produced by Research in Practice and Research in Practice for Adults notes ‘Safeguarding is a field where binary notions of childhood and adulthood have prevailed; as such the notion of ‘transitional safeguarding’ is not currently widely applied in policy or practice. Emerging evidence indicates that more effectively meeting the needs of adolescents and young adults may help to avoid costly later interventions, including those within the criminal justice system, acute health services and specialist drug and alcohol treatments (Rees et al, 2017).’

It explores the case for ensuring a transitional approach to safeguarding adolescents and young children is made more effective, and proposes key considerations for innovation. It explores how a transitional approach to safeguarding could be developed; an approach which builds on the best available evidence, learns from both children’s and adult safeguarding practice and which prepares young people for their adult lives. It will be updated as new learning emerges.

The resource is intended to encourage discussion, debate and reflection.

Click here for more information on the Strategic Briefing from RiPfA website.