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Support victims of stalking and harassment is available

Partners across Norfolk are joining forces to raises awareness of stalking and harassment and remind victims help is still available during this difficult time.

Coordinated by the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Board (DASVB) as part of National Stalking Awareness Week agencies across Norfolk are working to raises awareness of stalking and harassment and help available to victims.

Despite the current lockdown, stalking and harassment can still take many forms including cyber stalking and partners in Norfolk are keen for victims to know they are not alone. The DASVB Covid 19 Domestic Abuse Working Group recommends agencies to publish the information below on their websites where possible and link the information to their social media platforms.

During National Stalking Awareness Week we want victims to know help is still available at this difficult time. Stay safe and seek support if you need it. No one needs to suffer in silence. #NSAW2020 #SeeStalkingClearly

Click here to download Stalking and Harassment Support is Available.