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Safeguarding is a key governance priority for all charities - Charity Commission

In light of the allegations of abuse by Oxfam staff in Haiti, charity trustees should take steps to ensure no one who comes into contact with their charity suffers distress or harm, as well as safeguarding children and adults at risk, the Charity Commission revised safeguarding strategy makes clear. In revised document (published in December 2017) sets out clearly that trustees are ultimately responsible for preventing any harm to volunteers, staff or beneficiaries and safeguarding should be a key governance priority.

Any failure by trustees to manage safeguarding risks adequately is of serious regulatory concern to the Commission.

To help charities meet this requirement the revised version of the strategy sets out the reasonable steps charities should take to safeguard beneficiaries, especially those charities that work with at-risk and vulnerable adults or any children aged under 18.

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