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Safeguarding Adults Annual report 2017-18 published today

Today the government has published its Safeguarding Adults Annual report for England 2017-18.

Key Facts

  • 394,655 concerns of abuse were raised during 2017-18, an increase of 8.2% on the previous year
  • There were 150,070 safeguarding enquiries that started in the year; a decrease of 1,090 (0.7%) on 2016-17
  • The number of Section 42 enquiries that commenced during the year fell by 1.1% to 131,860 and involved 107,550 individuals. The number of other enquiries increased by 1.8% to 18,210 during the same period
  • Older people are much more likely to be the subject of a Section 42 safeguarding enquiry; one in every 43 adults aged 85 and above, compared to one in every 862 adults aged 18-64
  • The most common type of risk in Section 42 enquiries that concluded in the year was Neglect and Acts of Omission, which accounted for 32.1% of risks, and the most common location of the risk was the person’s own home at 43.5%. In 68.5% of Section 42 enquiries a risk was identified and action was taken

The report is based on the Safeguarding Adults Return (SAR) data collection for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018. This report presents information about adults at risk for whom safeguarding referrals were opened during the reporting period, and case details for safeguarding referrals which concluded during the reporting period. A safeguarding referral is where a concern is raised with a council about a risk of abuse, which instigates an investigation under the local safeguarding procedures.

Click here to read the report.