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LeDeR reviews relating to COVID19

This short paper from the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme describes key information relating to 50 people with learning disabilities whose death has been attributed to COVID19.

Each of the people have had their death reviewed as part of LeDeR programme. The aim of the paper is to highlight those aspects of the condition itself, or the care provided to those who have died, that can inform a better understanding of COVID19 as relevant to people with
learning disabilities.

The objectives are to:

  • describe the symptoms and presentation of COVID19 in a sample of 50 people with learning disabilities
  • describe the circumstances of their death
  • extract any learning for future service provision in relation to COVID19 in people with learning disabilities.

This is an important summary for anyone working to support people with learning disabilities.

Click here for: Deaths from COVID19 reviewed as part of the LeDeR programme, Pauline Heslop, programme lead at the University of Bristol.

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