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Office of the Public Guardian publishes new safeguarding strategy

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has published its safeguarding strategy for 2019 to 2025, setting out how it will improve its safeguarding service and approach in dealing with adults at risk. The strategy identifies 5 ways in which OPG will achieve this:
  1. Help safeguarding partners understand more about what OPG does
  2. Work more closely with safeguarding partners
  3. ‘No wrong door’ approach for all safeguarding concerns
  4. Working culture which puts the safeguarding needs of the user first
  5. Greater support for users

As the strategy makes clear, all organisations can support the work of OPG to better protect adults who may lack mental capacity. It says safeguarding partners should understand:

  • when to look for lasting and enduring powers of attorney (LPAs, EPAs) and deputy court orders
  • what their legal responsibility is to speak to the attorney or deputy - for instance, when someone needs to give consent for medical treatment
  • how to check whether an LPA, EPA or deputy court order has been registered by OPG
  • how to search OPG's registers to find out if someone has a registered LPA, EPA or deputy court order
  • when to report safeguarding concerns to OPG for investigation and further action

Click here for the OPG Safeguarding Strategy 2019-2025.