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NHS England Safeguarding Annual Update | 2018/2019

NHS England Safeguarding have published their annual update for 2018-19. The document provides summary updates on NHS safeguarding activity including:

  • national rollout of the Child Protection – Information Sharing (CP-IS)
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People Reforms
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill
  • Mental Capacity Act (MCA) (Amendment)
  • Armed Forces Health and Sexual Assault and Abuse Services (SAAS)
  • The NHS Standard Contract, Safeguarding Digital Strategy and Commissioning Assurance Toolkit
  • Intercollegiate Documents for safeguarding for adults and children
  • NHS Safeguarding ‘business-as-usual’ programmes

It also gives details of work going forward including:

  • priorities for 2019
  • New NHS Safeguarding programmes of work - trauma-informed care, Think Family strategy, contextual safeguarding
  • launch of the revised Safeguarding Accountability & Assurance Framework in April 2019
  • Creation of a new contextual safeguarding minimum data set from June 2019
  • the new Commissioning Assurance Toolkit, which will support CCGs and Integrated Care Systems (ISCs), to be launched by May 2019
  • changes to the NHS Standard Contract. This will require all NHS commissioned services:

‘to protect patients, public and staff from abuse, grooming, neglect and improper or degrading treatment. They must also take appropriate action to respond to any allegation or disclosure of any such behaviours, in accordance with the law.

Every NHS Provider will require a Safeguarding Lead and/or a Named Professional for safeguarding children, young people and adults.’

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