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Increased threat from Courier Fraud in the west of Norfolk

In last few weeks Norfolk has seen a significant spike in courier fraud in the west of county. Criminals have been targeting vulnerable older people by impersonating police officers. Large sums of money have been stolen. 

NSAB is asking everyone to share this information to help protect those at greatest risk from this crime. This threat could move to other parts of our county, so we need everyone to share this information.

How is it working? Suspects contact victims by phone, stating they are police officers, saying:

  • The victim’s personal details have been stolen and the banks are in on it. Victims are told to withdraw cash that is suspected as counterfeit. Police will collect and then compensate them later
  • The victim’s bank cards have been cloned. They tell the victim to go to the bank that is supposedly in on the scam and issuing counterfeit notes. The victim is told to read the serial numbers of the notes out over the phone
  • People have been arrested in London using the victim’s bank cards and claimed they know the victim
  • Other victims were asked how much money they have in their bank and were asked to buy expensive watches and gold bullion.

The common themes are that the suspects use police identities from Paddington Police Station and refer to banks being involved in the distribution of counterfeit notes.

When attending the banks, the victims will often be asked to keep a telephone line open to the fraudster. This is thought to be so the fraudster can monitor the transaction and get an early indication if the scam has been challenged or unsuccessful.

Please take the following actions:

1) tell all your work colleagues to be extra vigilant to this scam and pass this information on to family and friends
2) share it with service users to help raise awareness
3) download this poster and ask local shops and businesses to display it
4) email the poster to work contacts, friends and family