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GamCare Women’s Programme – Free training

Leading UK gambling support charity, GamCare, is offering FREE training through their Tampon Tax Funded Women’s Programme. The programme is raising awareness of the risks associated with gambling, the tools available to keep people safe, and where to find help and support if gambling becomes an issue.

Women can be disproportionately affected by gambling-related harms, experiencing significant safeguarding issues, financial harms, relationship breakdown and impacts on mental wellbeing. Evidence from across the sector also suggests that for women, emotional distress, trauma, domestic abuse, or other pressures can make them vulnerable to developing gambling problems.

Using GamCare and Gambling Commission data, GamCare estimate only 1% of women who experience gambling related harm contact the National Gambling Helpline. In their experience, women are far less likely to contact our services than men. This is not surprising – there is a still a widespread perception that gambling, and therefore gambling problems, are mostly ‘male issue’.

Could the women you come in contact with be experiencing gambling related harms? Are women you see affected by:

  • debt
  • domestic abuse
  • housing issues
  • depression and anxiety
  • feelings of isolation or suicidality

If they are, there is a chance these issues could be because of gambling – whether their own or someone else’s. Please contact [email protected] for more information and to access GamCare's FREE training.

If you know someone who requires our support, they can contact the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133, via web chat, or click here to access our FREE and confidential local treatment offer.

Also now available is the first report from GamCare’s Women’s Programme, supported by the Tampon Tax Fund, is now available. This report is a snapshot of GamCare's current learning as part of the programme, including insight gathered from women with lived experience of gambling harms. This gives partners insight into the second year of GamCare's programme and beyond.