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Increase of modern slavery victims working in care sector

It has been reported that the number of victims of modern slavery in the UK doubled last year, and figures show that there has been a particular increase of exploited workers within the care sector.

Calls to the UK modern slavery helpline show that the number of potential modern slavery victims was 6,516 in 2022 - an increase of 116% from 2021.  These figures are provided by the anti slavery charity, Unseen

The low pay and staff shortages within the care sector, along with the use of temporary labour, mean that it's easier for exploitation to occur.  Those victims being exploited within the care sector were predominantly Indian, Zimbabwean and Nigerian nationals.  Of 46 Zimbabweans identified as being exploited in the UK last year, all but one of them were working in the care sector.

Workers were found to be doing 14 hour shifts for five days without pay.  They are often forced to sleep in mattresses in damp, cold and unsanitary conditions.

More information about recognising modern slavery and what to do if you suspect that it is happening can be found here