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Common scams of 2021 that might resurface this year

The crime you’re most likely to fall victim to this year is fraud, according to the latest annual crime survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics. Fraudsters impersonating organisations were the most common scams last year, according to reports shared with Which?

This Which? article summaries the biggest scams of 2021 and the preferred methods used by fraudsters. These scams tend to go in and out of circulation.

The five biggest scams of 2021 were:

  1. ‘There’s a problem with your Amazon account

  2. ‘Your National Insurance number has been compromised’

  3. ‘You’ve missed a delivery’

  4. 'Apply for your Covid passport now’

  5. Online ads and social media scams

Read The five biggest scams of 2021... please then pass on this story to 2 other people you know, asking them to read it and then pass onto 2 people they know and so on. Help protect Norfolk against scammers.

Last year, Which? launched its Scam Sharer reporting tool so you can easily tell Which? about scams you’ve come across to help inform their policy and campaigns work.