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COVID-19 policy tracker from the Health Foundation

The policy response to COVID-19 is fast moving and constantly changing. This is no surprise as the pandemic is a dynamic and evolving threat. To help keep a handle on the policy response the Health Foundation have a policy tracker. This is excellent resource and documents national government and health and social care system responses to COVID-19 in England, and how they changed over the course of the year.

The interactive tracker covers five policy areas:

  1. the overall policy narrative
  2. measures to limit spread
  3. health and social care system response
  4. interventions to support research and development
  5. boarder social, economic, and other policy interventions

and documents a mix of data related to key policy interventions, including – where available – what it is, when it was introduced, who introduced it, the stated aims of the intervention, its key components, and links to relevant documents.

Have a look at the Health Foundation COVID-19 policy tracker here.

Also have a look at COVID-19 chart series.