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Board Manager's September blog: How talking with Gary Neville set up a safeguarding consultation

Since the beginning of September, I have been having a daily consultation with Gary Neville.

Some colleagues reading this may for a quick moment think,

‘Wow … I did not know that the ex-Manchester United defender, the second longest serving player who joined the club as an apprentice upon leaving school in 1991 leaving in 2011, England assistant manager from 2012 to 2016 and a co-owner of Salford City was now available for consultations.

Are you saying you are speaking each day with the same Gary Neville, the older brother of twin siblings: his brother, Phil Neville, the former Manchester United and Everton player, and his sister, Tracey Neville, a retired netball international, that same Gary Neville that during the Coronavirus lockdown earlier this year made his hotels available free of charge to NHS workers?’.

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