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Board Manager's July 2020 blog: A tiny piece of flint: small acts … big impacts

In a similar way that actors are said to avoid saying the name of William Shakespeare's play Macbeth when in the theatre (the euphemism ‘The Scottish Play’ is used instead), so do some cyclists avoid the word ‘puncture’. The word ‘mechanical’ is used as an alternative.

Out for a ride last week, I got one such ‘mechanical’. After 20 minutes of struggle (and with some help), a tiny piece of flint was found and removed from the tyre. The smallest of objects, and a small act that had a ripple effect on my day. Late back from my ride, I was late to do the weekly shop. I arrived at the supermarket to find a massive queue of socially distancing shoppers. And so, it rolled on through my day.

Sure, it had no big consequences for me, but small acts have been incredibly impactful in history. 

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