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Board Manager's January 2020 blog: Drive the learning

Returning from a cycle ride the other day I pulled up at some traffic lights behind a learner driver. Through the rear window I could see the instructor talking to the driver, who was preparing to move off from the lights. The lights changed and the learner driver needed to move off – to carefully bring the clutch up - gently pressing the accelerator until it met the ‘biting point’ – and to check their mirrors as the car slowly started to move.

On this occasion it was not the smoothest manoeuvre in the history of driving. The engine screamed as the car moved, then it kangarooed forward 2 or 3 times before the engine stalled. I felt for the learner driver as I could see them desperately trying to reset the task while looking quite flustered with the instructor giving directions to help.

I was suddenly reminded of my struggles when learning that aspect of driving.

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