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Board Manager's December blog: Light on the road ahead

When out riding my bike, being able to see the road in front and what is coming towards me is critical, day or night.

Last month, I was chatting with a good cycling friend of mine and we realised that with bit of a push, we could both reach 3,000 miles this year. That is pretty good for me. We worked out how many miles we need to ride each week from now until the end of the year to achieve the target. For me it is 76 miles a week!

Shorter daylight hours during the winter months will mean a number of night rides per week to make 3,000 miles. That said, you can encounter all sorts of light conditions during a daytime ride in the UK too. Good lights (front and back) are essential. With these and my REFLECT360 Proviz Gilet on, I am lit up like a Christmas tree! On my last ride I tried out a new front light which had an output of 1000 lumens (a measure of the total visible light emitted). To put that in perspective, an old 40 Watt bulb = 450 Lumens, 60 Watt bulb = 800 lumens – Read more. On full beam it definitely helps me see what is coming.

As we come out of lockdown 2 (2nd December) the Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board has published a Covid-19 Response and Resilience Plan.

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