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Board manager's blog: Can you help me move this wardrobe?

I offered to help move my son into his new shared house. He was not moving far, so hiring a van didn’t seem sensible. We got most things into the car, a couple / three trips got it sorted. It was the large furniture which was left. Hiring a van for half a day was too much, we just needed help for an hour. I called a friend who belongs to the car club, could he help? 

‘Happy to - consider it sorted' he said.

And it was, a quick booking and arrangements made and we moved my son, no problem. Reflecting on this over the next few days gave me an opportunity to think about my friend's generosity of time and willingness to help. And how we need friends in our lives, people with whom we share common beliefs, values, people who we care about and care about us. This led me to think about how friends are also an important protective factor against being a victim of abuse and harm. Perhaps someone to speak up for you, when you can't. Friends can be in person or online, your next door neighbour or a friend 1,000 miles away, it still works in the same way.

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