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Board Manager's February 2019 Blog: Grand Designs? How you can help us build Norfolk’s safeguarding adult board’s architecture

I do enjoy watching Channel 4’s Grand Designs programme, which follows individuals’ attempts to design and construct the home of their dreams. There is often that moment of drama when a key stage of the project may or may not work – the custom-made steel structure designed to very meticulous measurements does not actually fit, or 100s of cubic metres of quick drying concrete needs to be in place against the clock or the weather.  

Alongside the ‘will they, won’t they?’ drama, presenter Kevin McCloud explores the ideas and vision which sit behind the practical process of construction - the way in which the lines and shapes on a piece of paper get off the page and become the built environment, how the architectural plan translates into what the person is asking of the building. I have always liked looking at the vision and precision of architectural drawings.

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