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Board manager's April 2021 blog: Viking, North Utsire, South Utsire, Forties … ‘shipping forecast’ for adult safeguarding

The skill to deliver complex and ‘dense’ information concisely is one I very much admire. The public presentation of data on the Coronavirus is essential to help us understand what has (and continues) to be happening and then how to beat it.

I was recently involved in a long and busy online meeting for the Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board, which included a walkthrough of some complicated data on the virus impact on Norfolk’s care homes. I talked with a couple of my senior colleagues afterwards:

The delivery was so clear and … rhythmic … it really helped me follow what was being said,’ I commented. ‘Yes indeed,’ a colleague replied … ‘such a lot of information given in a short time, just like the shipping forecast. You had such a clear picture it helped answer the question at hand.’

Later, as I thought more about that conversation, I started to think about an adult safeguarding version of the shipping forecast. This would set out the picture of what is happening as we come out of lockdown #3.

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