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Beyond barriers: how older people move between health and care in England

Most older people in England, particularly those with complex needs, will receive care at some time. Their experience of care will often depend on how well different services work together for them, their families and carers. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has reviewed 20 local health and care systems, to understand how services are working together to meet the needs of people who move between health and care services. And good multi-agency work is know to offer great protection to those at risk of abuse and harm.

The CQC found:

  • Organisations intended to work together but mostly focused on their own goals
  • Although there was good planning between services, the way services were funded did not support them to work together


  • were prioritising their own goals over shared responsibility to provide person centred care
  • did not always share information with each other which meant they weren’t able to make informed decisions about people’s care
  • were not prioritising services which keep people well at home
  • planned their workforce in isolation to other services

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